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We are so grateful you are considering a partnership with None Suffers Lack.  NSLM began in March 2012 based on our belief that you CAN make a difference, in assisting others with ‘no red tape’.  Over the years, Otis and I started to notice a disturbing trend: needs not being met due to lack of resources, stringent guidelines set by agencies and governments, and what seemed to be miles of ‘red tape’.

Every resource, service, and help we provide to those in need, is absolutely free. Partners like you, help us continue out mission and expand our vision for helping those in need.  We believe a helping hand to those in need CAN make a real difference. Your partnership will help us do just that!

We wanted to make a difference in assisting others with no 'red tape'. Your partnership helps us make a real difference to those in need.


Annual Bless Those Baby Bottoms Event Providing free diapers and wipes to families in need.

Purity is Power Teachings Sexual Purity curriculum to hundreds of youth ages 10 through 35.

Purity is Power Partnerships: We partner with schools, colleges, and local churches to teach our 6 week Purity is Power curriculum.

Men’s Fellowship Meetings: Otis engages with men of all ages, in sexual purity talks and testimonies.

Abundant Life Mentorship Opportunities:  We provide individual and group coaching concerning sexual purity, college, job placement, and more.

Needs Met Assistance: Monetary assistance is provided on a case-by-case basis to those in need of food, gas, utility payments, and other basic needs. (When funding permits.)


Your tax deductible, monthly commitment allows you to be where we are, making a real difference to those in need. 

Becoming an NSLM Partner is easy!

1.  Select your monthly amount.

2.  Complete securely via PayPal.

3.  Watch your inbox for updates.

Your MONTHLY, tax deductible partnership renews every 30 days from the date of initial sign-up. You can easily manage/revise your partnership within your PayPal account at any time. 

We value your confidence and trust!


Your one-time, tax deductible donation helps fill the gaps when needs in our community exceed our ability to provide help. 

Making a one-time donation is easy!

1.  Select your one-time amount.

2.  Complete securely via PayPal.

3.  Watch your inbox for updates.

Your ONE-TIME, tax deductible donation does not renew. All donations (and partnerships) are handled securely through our PayPal. 

We value your confidence and trust!

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None Suffers Lack Ministry is a 501(c)(3) Organization. All Monthly Partnerships and One-Time Donations are tax deductible.

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